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It’s Sassy Craft Time — Fun With Minis!












Okay kids, it’s sassy arts & crafts time! I have discovered a ton o’ fun that can be had with minis (you lushes)!

Please keep in mind that all of these minis can be purchased at your local liquor store and should NEVER be obtained in any other manner.




  Make Your Own Snowglobe Ornaments



What You’ll Need

  • Airplane-size booze bottles — small spice jars work too if you’re on the wagon
  • Light corn syrup
  • Water
  • A mixing container with a spout
  • Glitter — white and/or silver looks the most like snow
  • A piece of scrap paper
  • A ruler
  • Scissors
  • Clear packing tape
  • A pen or pencil (optional)
  • Colored string or embroidery floss
  • Gobs and gobs o’ cheery holiday spirit


Step 1: Drink Up!
First, empty out the liquor bottles. Drink as many as you can in the space of five minutes.
Repent. Rethink. Repeat.
When you’re done, peel off the labels, wash the bottles and let them dry inside and out.
Take two aspirin and a nap. Then move on to Step 2.

Step 2: Mixology

In a container that has a spout, mix equal parts of corn syrup and water.
Make enough liquid to fill all the snowglobes you want to make.
Step 3: Sparkle Sparkle!

Fold a piece of paper of scrap paper in half. Pour some glitter* into the the valley of the fold.
Now use the creased paper like a funnel to help you pour glitter into the bottle without spilling it everywhere.
*FYI, you can make realistic-looking “snow” by shredding a white PVC pipe with a cheese grater. Weird, right?

Step 4: Cut ‘Em Down to Size

Measure the width and height of the widest part of the bottle.
Crop your photo to that size in Photoshop (or whatever program you’re into these days).
Print the photo and use scissors to cut it out.

Step 5: Seal ‘Em Up

Waterproof the photo by covering it completely with packing tape. Cover both sides and make sure there’s nowhere for water to seep in.

Step 6: Roll ‘Em Up

Roll the photo up small enough to fit into the neck of the bottle. Bending it around a pencil helps.
Insert the rolled-up photo into the bottle. The photo should flatten out on its own, but if it doesn’t, use the end of the pencil to poke it back into shape.
Step 7: Fill ‘Er Up

With a steady hand (see why you needed a nap?) pour the liquid carefully into the bottle.
Fill it up to the top, then put the cap back on the bottle.

Step 8: Tie It Off

Cut a 5-6″ length of colored string, and tie a knot around the neck of the bottle. Then tie a larger loop so you can hang your ornament on the tree.

Step 9: Hang ‘Em High


*snowglobe ornaments courtesy of Photojojo*



Minis Bouquet







 OCT 8 009


What You’ll Need (for the “Happy Birthday” bouquet)

  • Oval Black Metal Pail
  • Large Packages of Tinseled Pipe Cleaners
  • 2 Large Packages of Colored Pipe Cleaners
  • Alphabet Stickers (Found in Scrapbooking)
  • Number Stickers
  • Decoration Stickers (I used Candles & Swirls)
  • Glitter Spray paint
  • Medium package of decor rocks / gems
  • Large square of Styrofoam
  • 21 Wooden Thin Dowels or Kabob Sticks
  • 21 Assorted 50ml. sample liquor bottles
  • Long Tinsel Swirls
  • Bunch of Color Assorted Silk Flowers


Step by Step Instructions


  1. Take the pail on a covered surface and put it upside down. Use the glitter spray paint and evenly coat the pail to add a sparkled effect. You can use as little or as much as you’d like.
  2. Using an exacto knife, cut ovals out of the Styrofoam square. Layer the Styrofoam ovals into the pail. You will want about 3 layers in the pail to be able to uphold the weight of the bottles.
  3. After the pail has dried from the paint, Decorate the pail with the stickers that you have chosen. (For mine, I put wrapped around 21 candles from front to back, and scattered the swirls to add extra decor. You may also want to use a ruler to help center and space the writing on the front.
  4. Organize your color patterns and figure out what colors you’d like to stick with for the main theme.
  5. Take one tinseled pipe cleaner and one colored pipe cleaner and begin to tightly wrap around the wooden dowel. (If you want, you can try to match the bottles colors). Begin wrapping about 2 inches above the bottom of the dowel and continue your way up. I used 4 pipe cleaners per wooden stick.
  6. Once you get towards the top, choose the bottle that you would like and begin to tightly wrap around the neck of the bottle. You will need to wrap it around once, then tie in between to make sure it’s tight. The tighter you can wrap it the better the bottle will hold.
  7. Repeat step 6, another 20 times.
  8. Once all 21 bottles are wrapped and tied to the wooden sticks, you can begin to put them into the pail by pushing the stick into the Styrofoam. You can arrange the bottles many different ways according to the overall look you are going for.
  9. After you are satisfied with your arrangement, you can add in some tinsel swirls for an additional decoration.
  10. Arrange the silk flowers around the rim of the pail.
  11. Lastly, take the package of the decorative rocks and empty them into the pail to cover the Styrofoam and add additional weight to hold the dowels in place.

*bouquet courtesy of Creative Simplicity*

For other bouquets – use random containers, buy a $5 glue gun, some wooden dowels, Styrofoam and go for it! Use your imagination, get creative – and do your own thing using the above photos as inspiration!




patio lights



1. Begin by removing the top from each bottle and throwing it away. Next, begin wrapping floral tape around the mouth of the bottle several times. Floral tape sticks upon itself so wrap it tightly.


2. After a few times around, place a light into the mouth of the bottle. Have the floral tape go up and over the wire to the other side, creating a little loop. Go around this a few times to make it more strong, and end by wrapping the floral tape around the mouth of the bottle a few more times to secure. Use the photos below for reference.




3. Continue adding on a booze bottle on to each light.

*Patio Lights idea/tutorial/photos from Crafts of All Seasons website.



Grown-up Piñata





- You don’t necessarily have to hang it up, it could be in the center of the party table.
- You can open the little hatch and have people close their eyes and pull out a treat.
- If it is an artful gathering, have everyone bring a few items and insert them in the piñata.
- Instead of hitting/smashing the piñata, maybe you could design so the guests have to “shake” an item out.


*piñata idea courtesy of Diary of a Crafty Chica*



Valentine’s Day Party Idea


Decorate minis and add red food coloring for the perfect Valentine shade. Could be used as favors, add to favor bag, use as table decorations, etc.


*idea courtesy of New York State of Mind*


 Wine Bottle Lamp Lights

(I know these are full-sized wine bottles, but I wanted to add them because they look like fun!)

Turning any wine bottle into a table lamp is as simple as drilling a hole and inserting a strand of lights. The color of the bottle enhances the glow of the light, adding ambiance to a room. The only special tool needed is a glass drill bit.

*wine bottle lights courtesy of WebEcoist*


Christmas Tree Made of Bottles





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