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How Do You Say GO FUCK YOURSELF in French?


I hope the raging bitch that I encountered on a trip to a French-speaking country today reads this shit. It may not sound like much, but for me it was enough to make me want to pull her hair out by her horrific dark roots. I wasn’t having the best day, however I am usually very successful at not bringing my shit to work with me. So anyway, here’s what went down.

I was performing my final compliance to ensure that all jerk-offs passengers were turning off their phones, stowing bags, etc. when I come across a full-fledged cuntbag with her tray table down, still using her laptop. I politely ask her to power it down and stow it. Her response: Nothing. I ask her again. Her response: Still typing. I ask a third time while gently waving my hand in her path of vision so she can see me, again nothing. Upon the FOURTH attempt I slightly raise my voice and ask AGAIN, she doesn’t stop typing or look up from the screen and says all bitchy-like “I KNOW!!” (like I am the asshole). My reply: “Oh, I am sorry, I had no idea because you didn’t acknowledge me”.

Of course someone being an asshole before we even leave the gate is never a good sign, but unfortunately pushing her off of the wing of the plane headfirst wasn’t an option at the time…

Cut to the beverage service and I am lucky enough to get Miss Cuntbag’s (herein to be referred to as “CB”) row. Yay me. I ask her along with the man sitting next to her (who I assume to be her husband, the poor bastard) if they would like a beverage. Guess what? Zero response. Nothing from either of them. Miss CB couldn’t be bothered to even look up so instead of just standing there in the middle of the cabin looking at her CB face I move on to the next row, and so on. I am hustling back and forth to and from the cart slinging drinks and snacks, and out of the corner of my eye I notice that Miss CB is attempting to wave me down. Does this CB think that I am going to stop doing my service with NICE PEOPLE to help HER? Bwhahahaha!!

After a few passes I stop at her CB row and ask her what she would like. CB: “Ummmm, is there a reason you skipped us”? Me: “Ma’am, I stopped at your row and you didn’t respond, AGAIN” yes, I busted her out on ignoring me the first time. CB: “wahh wahh wah wahhhh wahhh” (Honestly at this point all I heard was Charlie Brown’s teacher). We had some words, including her asking me what MY problem was (again, Bwahahaha!!) and I advised her “I don’t respond well to disrespectful behavior”. Yeah, I said that…and it felt good.

Oh honey, aren’t you presh…









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